GOP Officials

GOP Officials

GOP Federal Elected Officials

U.S. Congressman Keith Rothfus

250 Insurance Street, Suite 203
Beaver, PA 15009
Phone: (724) 359-1626
Fax: (412) 593-2022


U.S. Senator Pat Toomey

100 W. Station Square Dr. Suite 225
Pittsburgh, PA 15219
Phone: (412) 803-3501

Washington, D.C.
502 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510
Phone: (202) 224-4254


GOP State Elected Officials

State Senator Randy Vulakovich

37nd District
1407 Mt. Royal Blvd.
Glenshaw, PA 15116
Phone: (412) 487-6600


State Senator Guy Reschenthaler

37th District
100 Broughton Road
Bethel Park, PA 15102
Telephone: (412) 831-0250
Fax: (412) 831-2740


State Representative Mike Turzai

Speaker of the House
28th District
125 Hillvue Lane, 1st Floor
Pittsburgh, PA 15237
Phone: (412) 369-2230


State Representative John Maher

40th District
2547 Washington Rd.
Upper St. Clair, PA 15241
Phone: (412) 831-8080


State Representative Mark Mustio

4th District
937 Beaver Grade Rd.
Moon Twp., PA 15108
Phone: (412) 262-3780


State Representative Rick Saccone

39th District
1002 Old Hickory Lane
Jefferson Hills, PA 15025
Phone: (412) 653-1025


State Representative Jason Ortitay

48th District
300 Old Pond Road,
Suite 205A
Bridgeville, PA 15017
Phone: (412) 221-5110


State Representative Eli Evankovich

54th District
2879 Leechburg Road
Lower Burrell, PA 15068
Phone: (724) 335-2790
Fax: (724) 335-2649


State Representative Hal English

30th House District
4290 William Flynn Hwy
Suite 200
Allison Park, PA 15101
Phone: (412) 487-6605


GOP County Elected Officials

Allegheny County Council Member

Samuel DeMarco III

Council At-Large
Phone: (412) 350-6520


Allegheny County Council Member

Cindy Kirk

Council District 2
Phone: (412) 350-6530


Allegheny County Council Member

Ed Kress

Council District 3
Phone: (412) 350-6535


Allegheny County Council Member

Sue Means

Council District 5
Phone: (412) 350-6545


Allegheny County Council Member

Tom Baker

Council District 1
Phone: (412) 350-6525


GOP Local Elected Officials

Aleppo Township

George Jones, Commissioner
Arthur C. Williams, Commissioner

Allegheny Valley School District

Larry Pollick, School Director
Kathleen Haas, School Director
James Gaschler, School Director
Donald Rocco, School Director

Aspinwall Borough

Jospeh Noro, President of Council
Ann Marsico, Council Member
Trip Oliver, Council Member
Ann Pawlikowski, Council Member
Timothy McLaughlin, Council Member
Georgene C. Veltri, Tax Collector

Avalon Borough

Joshua Klicker, President of Council
Lee Nelson, Council Member
William Pascale, Council Member
Edward Klicker, Tax Collector

Avonworth School District

David Oberdick, School Director
Vicki Carlson, School Director
Jonathan Beau Blaser, School Director
Patrick B. Stewart, School Director
Eric Templin, School Director
Kristin Thompson, School Director
Robert Wible, School Director
John Brandt, School Director

Baldwin Township

John Paravati, Commisssioner
John Allen, Commissioner
Marilyn Wagner, Tax Collector

Baldwin-Whitehall School District

Anthony DiCesaro, School Director

Belle Acres Borough

Ron Besong, Mayor
Dennis Young, President of Council
Glenn Bohn, Council Member
Michelle Veeck, Council Member
Dave Renfrew, Council Member
Greg Cooper, Tax Collector

Bellevue Borough

Kathleen Coder, Council Member
Tom Fodi, Council Member
Thomas Hrynda, Council Member
Grant Saylor, Council Member
Joseph Nolan, Tax Collector

Ben Avon Borough

Robert Jones, Mayor
Earl Bohn, President of Council
Michael Wrbas, Council Member
Philip Brind”Armour, Council Member
Julian Wynnyckyj, Council Member
Brad Cole, Council Member
Richard J. White, Council Member

Ben Avon Heights Borough

Scott Dismukes, Mayor
Alan Cuteri, Vice President of Council
John Isherwood, Council Member
Peter Keelan, Council Member
Janae Smith, Council Member
Denise Rave, Secretary/Treasurer
John O. Radcliffe, Council Member

Bethel Park Borough

Jack Allen, Mayor
Tim Moury, President of Council
Brandon T. Colella, Council Member
Lorrie Gibbons, Council Member
Paul Dixon, Council Member
Donald Harrison, Council Member

Bethel Park School District

David J. Amaditz, School Director
Jim Means, School Director
Cynthia J Buckley, School Director
Barry Christenson, School Director
Ronald Werkmeister, School Director
Donna Cook, School Director
James Russ Spicuzza, School Director

Bradford Woods Borough

Robert J. Murray, Mayor
David A. Baldonieri, President of Council
Gary Price, Council Member
Karin Glass, Council Member
Victoria Pongrace, Council Member
Charles Coltharp, Council Member
Roy A. Wiegand, Council Member

Brentwood Borough

Dennis Troy, Mayor

Brentwood Borough School District

Donna Werner, School Director
Roger Gaughan, School Director
Kristie Kraeuter, School Director

Bridgeville Borough

Pasquale DeBlasio, Mayor
Michael Tolmer, President of Council
Neil Lyons, Council Member
William Colussy, Council Member
Bruce Ghelarducci, Council Member
Joseph Verduci, Council Member

Carlynton School District

H. James Schriver, School Director
George Honchar, School Director

Carnegie Borough

Margaret Bowman, Tax Collector

Chalfont Borough

Robert Lasser, Council Member
Alia Pustorino, Council Member
Chad Hoover, Council Member

Chartiers Valley School District

Tony Mazzarini, School Director
Eric Kraemer, School Director
Jamie Stevenson, School Director

Churchill Borough

Paul McKenna, Mayor
David W. Riehl, Council Member

Collier Township

George Macino, President, Board of Commissioners
Wilson Durisko, Commissioner
Wayne M. Chiurazzi, Commissioner
Jason Oskamp, Commissioner
Robert Schuler, Treasurer

Cornell School District

Patrick Berdine, School Director
Darlene Abbott, School Director

Crafton Borough

James G. Bloom, Mayor
Alice Glaser, Council Member

Crescent Township

Joseph Sabol, President, Board of Commissioners
Jeffrey Gagat, Commissioner
Jerry Keller, Commissioner

Deer Lakes School District

Lisa Merlo, President, School Director
William Lupone, School Director
Louis Buck, School Director

East Allegheny School District

Dr Frederick Miller, School Director

Edgewood Borough

George Fuller, Vice President, Council
Justin Petrolla, Council Member
Jack Bright, Council Member
John Wainright, Council Member

Edgeworth Borough

Wayne T. Murphy, Mayor
Joseph T. Hoepp, President of Council
David Aloe, Council Member
Carrie Duffied, Council Member
Ivan T. Hofmann, Council Member
Gregory J. Marlovits, Council Member
Daniel S. Wilson, Council Member

Elizabeth Borough

Ann Malady, Mayor
Paula Stevens, Council Member

Elizabeth Forward School District

Megan Ferraro, School Director

Elizabeth Township

Mary E. Walos, Tax Collector & Treasurer

Emsworth Borough

Carolyn Galante, Council Member

Etna Borough

Edward Burke, Council Member

Fawn Township

David Montanari, President, Board of Supervisors
Jason Davidek, Supervisor
Chuck Venesky, Supervisor

Findlay Township

Thomas J. Gallant, President, Board of Supervisors
Janet Craig, Supervisor

Fox Chapel Borough

Walter A. Scott III, Mayor
Andrew C. Bennett, President of Council
Jay S. Troutman, Council Member
James M. Royston, Council Member
Harrison S. Lauer, Council Member
Tom Karet, Council Member
Ann R. Meyer, Council Member
Frederick Leech, Council Member
Alan B. Bowden, Tax Collector
Joy Hardt, Treasurer

Fox Chapel School District

Nancy B. Foster, School Director
Terrence Wirginis, School Director
Eric C. Schmidt, School Director
Lisa M. Rutkowski, School Director

Franklin Park Borough

Dennis O’Keefe, Mayor
Laura Coombs, Council Member
James W. Hogg, Council Member
Jane A. Hopey, Council Member
James W. Lawrence, Council Member
Thomas C. Schwartzmier, Council Member
John P. Parks, Council Member
Linda Avolio, Tax Collector

Gateway School District

Mary Beth Cirucci, School Director
George Lapcevich, School Director
John Ritter, School Director
Chad Stubenbort, School Director

Glen Osborne Borough

Thomas Huddleston, President of Council
William Monski, Council Member
James Cohen, Council Member
Richard D. Quillen, Tax Collector

Glenfield Borough

Roger Zingerman, Mayor
Robert Brown, President of Council
William Kuriger, Council Member
Sandy Kuriger, Tax Collector
Cynthia Mascara, Secretary, Auditors

Greentree Borough

David Rea, Council Member
John Novak, Council Member
David Lorenzini, Council Member

Hampton School District

Bryant Wesley, School Director
Mary Alice Hennessey, School Director
Pamela LaMagna, School Director
Robert Shages, School Director
Gail Litwiler, School Director
Lawrence Vasko, School Director
Gregory A. Stein, School Director
Denise Balason, School Director
Cathy Lueers, School Director

Hampton Township

Victor D. Son, President, Board of Supervisors
Peter S. Russ, Vice President, Supervisor
Sherry Neugebauer, Supervisor
M. Richard Dunlap, Supervisor
Cary Montgomery, Supervisor
Jerry E. Speakman, Controller

Haysville Borough

Michael Kerr, Mayor
Catherine Paff, President, Council Member
Linda Ribnicky, Secretary

Heidelberg Borough

Kenneth Lasota, Mayor

Highlands School District

Laura Thimons, School Director
Eric Miles, School Director
Judith L. Wisner, School Director

Indiana Township

Michael D. Schurko, Mayor
Darrin Krally, Deputy Mayor
Daniel L. Taylor, Supervisor
Paul D. Jorgenson, Supervisor
Albert Kaan, Supervisor
David M. Laux, Chair, Auditors

Ingram Borough

Sharon Stetz, Mayor
Jerry Wilfert, Council Member

Jefferson Hills Borough

Tracey Khalil, Council Member
David T. Montgomery, Council Member

Keystone Oaks School District

Raeann Lindsey, School Director
Theresa Lyndon, School Director

Kilbuck Township

John Fader, President, Board of Supervisors
Tom Tomaro, Supervisor
John-Sebast Volois, Supervisor
Robert Kiser, Chair, Auditors

Leet Township

Gary L. Bradel, President, Board of Commissioners
Jim Janaszek, Commissioner
Jeff Besong, Commissioner

Leetsdale Borough

Wesley James, Council Member
Jeffrey Weatherby, Council Member

Marshall Township

Thomas Madigan, President, Board of Supervisors
Anthony [Jack] Candek, Supervisor
Jason Bragunier, Supervisor
Robert D. Edwards, Supervisor
Charles Carey, Tax Collector

McCandless Township

Robert J. Powers, Council President
Kimberly Zachary, Council Member
Gerard J. Aufman, Jr., Council Member
Steven Mertz, Council Member
Joan D. Powers, Council Member
Gregory Waulkauskas, Council Member
Ralph J. LeDonne, Council Member
William J. McKim, Council Member

Montour School District

Scott Suess, School Director

McKeesport City

W. Fawn Walker-Montgomery, Council Member

Moon Area School District

Jeffrey C. Bussard, School Director
Scott LaRue, Treasurer, School Director

Moon Township

John Hertzer, Supervisor
Andrew M. Gribben, Supervisor
Joseph Wise, Supervisor
David Bachman, Supervisor
Catherine Tress, Tax Collector
Sally Cross, Chair Auditors
John J. Wrynn, Secretary Auditors
Gary Schisler, Elected Auditor

Mount Lebanon School District

Daniel L. Remely, School Director

Mount Lebanon Township

Stephen McLean, Commissioner

North Allegheny School District

Kevin Mahler, Vice President, School Director
Elizabeth Blackburn, School Director
Michael C. Meyer, School Director
Scott E. Russell, School Director
Christopher D. Disque, School Director
Suzanne Filiaggi, School Director
Christopher J. Finley, School Director
Richard L. McClure, School Director

North Fayette Township

Robert Doddato, Treasurer
James Mangan, Supervisor
Roxanne Buckels, Elected Auditor

North Hills School District

Edward M. Wielgus, School Director
Lou Nudi, School Director
Thomas L. Kelly, School Director
Annette Giovengo Nolish, School Director
Joseph Muha, School Director
Michael Yeomans, School Director

Northgate School District

Gary Paladin, School Director
Brigitte Jackson, School Director
Amy Joy Robinson, School Director
Lisa Saylor, School Director

North Versailles Township

George Beswick, Commissioner

Oakmont Borough

Timothy J. Favo, Council Member
George Coulter, Council Member
William E. Benusa, Vice President, Council Member

O’Hara Township

Robert John Smith, Council President
Charles A. Vogel, Council Member
Mark Rothert, Council Member
Allison Garcia, Council Member
Scott Frankowski, Council Member
John R. Denny, Council Member
Ben Kotys, Treasurer

Ohio Township

Thomas R. Beatty, President, Board of Supervisors
James R. Reid, Jr., Supervisor
Herbert J. Hartle, Supervisor
Kristen Pontello, Tax Collector

Penn Hills School District

Heather Hoolahan, School Director

Pennsbury Village Borough

Steven A. Stecko, Council President
Karl Cunningham, Council Member
Brenda George, Council Member

Pine-Richland School District

Greg DiTullio, School Director
Dennis Sundo, School Director
Virginia Goebel, School Director
Jeffrey Banyas, School Director
Peter Lyons, School Director
Therese Dawson, School Director
Marc Casciani, School Director

Pine Township

Michael J. Dennehy, Jr., Chair, Board of Supervisors
Philip D. Henry, Supervisor
Pasquale D. Avolio, Supervisor
Frank J. Spagnolo, Supervisor
Edward Holdcroft, Supervisor

Pitcairn Borough

Margaret Stevick, Mayor

Pleasant Hills Borough

Robert S. Bootay, Mayor
Gregory P. Smith, Council Member
Regis F. Brown, Council Member
William D. Trimbath, Council Member
Daniel S. Soltesz, Council Member
Bradley E. Rodeheaver, Council President

Plum Borough

Mike Doyle, Council President
Michael Dell, Council Member
Paul Dern, Council Member
John Anderson, Council Member
David Seitz, Council Member
Dave Majernik, Council Member

Plum Borough School District

Kevin Dowdell, School Director
Sue Caldwell, School Director
Vicky Roessler, School Director
Richard Zucco, School Director
Stephen Schlauch, School Director

Quaker Valley School District

Jonathan Kuzma, School Director
Jeffrey Watters, School Director

Reserve Township

William F. Stalter, Commissioner

Richland Township

Raymond Kendrick, Chair, Board of Supervisors
John Marshall, Suppervisor
George P. Allen, Supervisor
Barton Miller, Supervisor
Vince Bacho, Constable

Riverview School District

John Hackworth, School Director
Alex DiClaudio, School Director
Jon Nehlsen, School Director

Robinson Township

John Perkey, Tax Collector
Gerald Kezmarsky, Treasurer

Ross Township

Jeremy Shaffer, President of Board of Commissioners
Grace Stanko, Commissioner
Richard Avon, Commissioner

Rosslyn Farms Borough

Nate Prepelka, Council Member
Stephen A. George, Council Member
Gerald Bell, Council Member
David Robb, Council Member
Edward Adams, Tax Collector

Scott Township

Stacey A. Altman, Commissioner
David A. Jason, Commissioner

Sewickley Borough

Susan Aleshire, Council Member
Sean Figley, Council Member
Charles Driscoll, Council Member
Thomas DeFazio, Council Member
Todd Renner, Council Member
Bill Cornman, Council Member
Jeff Neff, Council Member

Sewickley Heights Borough

John C. Oliver III, Mayor
S. Phil Hundley, Council President
John K. Means, Council Member
Thomas W. McCargo, Council Member
Dr. Thomas L. Pangburn, Council Member
J. Brandon Snyder, Council Member
Craig S. Kinney, Council Member
Belinda Thompson, Council Member

Sewickley Hills Borough

David Malarik, Mayor
Cynthia Phillips, Council President
Jack Faulkner, Council Member
Lawrence Newman, Council Member
Doug Nolfi, Tax Collector

Shaler Area School District

James Fisher, School Director
Jeanne Petrovich, School Director

Shaler Township

David Shutter, President, Board of Commissioners
William Cross, Commissioner
Susan Fisher, Commissioner
Lori Mizgorski, Commissioner
Erin Bartkins, Treasurer

Sharpsburg Borough

Lawrence A. Trozzo, Council Member

South Fayette School District

Lena Hannah, School Director
Alexander Czaplicki, School Director
Paul Brinsky, School Director

South Fayette Township

Jessica Cardillo Wagenhoffer, Commissioner
Lisa Malosh, Commissioner
Anne F. Beck, Treasurer

South Park School District

David Palmer, School Director

South Versailles Township

Terry Payne, Commissioner

Springdale Borough

Jason Fry, Council Member

Sto-Rox School District

William Lenhart, School Director

Tarentum Borough

Raymond Kerr, Council Member

Thornburg Borough

Vincent Coppola, Council Member

Upper St Clair School District

Frank J. Kerber, School Director
Amy L. Billerbeck, School Director
Barbara L. Bolas, School Director
Louis P. Mafrice, Jr, School Director
Louis M. Oliverio, School Director
Phillip J. Elias, School Director
Patrick A. Hewitt, School Director

Upper St. Clair Township

Robert W. Orchowski, President of Board of Commissioners
Rex A. Waller, Commissioner
Mark D. Christie, Commissioner
Daniel R. Paoly, Commissioner
Russell Del Re, commissioner
Ronald J. Pardini, Commissioner
Nicholas Seitanaski, Commissioner

Verona Borough

Patrick McCarthy, Council Member

Versailles Borough

Dennis Keefe, Council Member

West Allegheny School District

Ed Faux, School Director
Tracy D. Kosis, School Director
Ronald Pasic, School Director
Mark H. Rosen, School Driector

West Deer Township

Jeffrey D. Fleming, Chairman of Board of Supervisors
Gerard J. Vaerewyck, Supervisor
Shirly Hollibaugh, Supervisor
Joyce A. Romig, Supervisor

West Elizabeth Borough

Ralph Harrington, Mayor

West Jefferson Hills School District

John Hosmer, School Director
Darlene Schreiber, School Director
Suzanne Downer, School Director
David M. Dominick, School Director
Jill Bertini, School Director

White Oak Borough

Ina Jean Marton, Mayor
Joseph Nagy, Council Member
Ron Massung, Council Member
Edward G. Babyak, Council Member
Charles Davis, Council Member
Nancy Greenland, Treasurer
C. Richard Bryce, Council Member

Whitehall Borough

William J. Veith, Council Member
Ryan Barton, Council Member
Linda J. Book, Council Member
Robert J. McKown, Council Member

Woodland Hills School District

Tara Reis, School Director