As the General Assembly begins another budget season, it’s time to admit that Pennsylvania needs to overhaul state government.

In the midst of a 21st-century economy driven by new technology and fundamental changes in the markets, we are still using a formula dating to the early 20th century when economic change was glacial and industrial growth assumed.

We started down this path to rethink state government when the General Assembly last summer put another of my bills on the governor’s desk to allow the private sector to sell wine. There is no rational reason for state government to be in the wine and spirits business. Thank goodness, he signed our legislation, when needs further expansion.

We need to do so much more – streamline the role of government and make it more efficient in meeting the real needs of Pennsylvanians.

We need to grow our economy by facilitating the growth of energy production and distribution within the state to allow manufacturing to flourish again.

We need to reduce the size of state government, including the legislature and executive departments and agencies.

We need high schools and higher education to educate students for good private-sector jobs.

We need to close institutions that are not efficient and no long providing quality services at reasonable costs